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All contracts and orders concluded between KLR Systems and the buyer are made in writing and accepted by and officer of KLR Systems with the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions cancel all propostion on buyer’s order.

On approved orders, terms are net thirty (30) days from date of invoice, unless a discount is specified on the invoice. KLR Systems may at any time, when in its opinion the financial condition of the customer warrants, it either alter or suspend credit. Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of 2% per month. (27% per year).

Written quotations automatically unless accepted in thirty (30) days following the expedition date could end by writing this period. Verbal quotations are null unless to be confirmed by writing. Unless otherwise specifically provided in writing. The prices quoted are based upon manufacture of the quantity and types originally specified and are subject to revision when interruptions or engineering changes are caused or requested by the customer. We are not responsible for typographical errors made in any of our publications for stenographic or clerical errors in preparation of quotations or specifications. All such errors are subject to correction. All prices are based on the quantity and delivery shown on the quotation.

Unless otherwise specified in the quotation, the prices shown do not include any taxes import or expert duties, or custom charges

An order once placed with and accepted by KLR Systems cannot be cancelled or delays within KLR Systems consent and upon terms that will indemnify KLR Systems against loss addition. KLR Systems may require full or partial payment pro rata when a portion the order is shipped.

KLR Systems warrants all products against defects according and conditions sale of the supplies. This warranty is limited to correct by repair or replacement for any defects material. In no case, KLR Systems shall not be responsible for damage or loss production cause by any defects of material. No material must return for repair without an authorized number for KLR Systems. Fees of shipment to deliver material to repair at KLR Systems are charge of customer and return fees to customer are assumed by the customer.

No penalty for any reason is applied unless specifically approved by KLR management.

Returns of material should be authorized by and officer of KLR Systems and the customer shall obtain a return number. A minimum of fee of 20 % is charged to the customer for any return of material. The material should be returned by the shipper specified by KLR Systems or unless otherwise discussed with the customer.

All materials is the property of KLR Systems until full payment.