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All the prices are F. B. O Saint-Hyacinthe. In general, shipment charges are assumed by the customer for all order except specific instruction. NO discount is done to the buyer if this one accept the delivery to our manufacture of if furnish their own facilities of shipment. When it is paid by KLR Systems, method and route of shipment are KLR discretion. When a customer specific restriction.

KLR Systems shall not be liable for delays occasioned by fires, accidents or other causes beyond reasonable control. The delivery date is our best estimate of the time material will be shipped from our factory and we assume no lisbility for loss, damage or consequential damages due to delays. KLR Systems brings reasonable care in packing our products and we assume no responsibility for delay, loss, breakage or damage after having made delivery in good order to the carrier. All claims for breakage and damage should be made to the carrier.