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LOGO 4- 0.125'' WIDE - TYPE FACE 0.010''-0.012'' = (18 PT)

LOGO 4- 0.125'' WIDE - TYPE FACE 0.010''-0.012'' = (18 PT)
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Our number :GRA-4-125-18

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LOGO 4 0.125'' WIDE X 18 POINTS CHARACTERS This logo is to print the letters, numbers and date on the plastic closure use to close the poly and mesh bags. You can use it to print with pneumatic and electric coders. Example : KLR 930 or Kwik Lok imprinter) Cold stamping coders. It is one of the sizes logos available which are used to arrange letters and numbers. You can print the information on your closure. You have to choice the right dimension of logo to enter in your master plate holes. Our customer service can help you to found the good size. You can also found the master plate part number on our web site and found the information. Cold stamping logo in hardened steel Number : 4 Block of 0.125'' width Block 0.919'' high Print character from 0.010'' to 0.012'' wide. = 18 Points